e-Centric Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • We have provided our Easy Pay – Web Based HR Based Payroll Management Solution.
  • Our solution provided them with Employee Master, Time & Attendance Management, Online Leave Management, Loan & Advance Management, Payroll Management, Bonus & Gratuity Management, Reimbursement & Expenses Management etc.
  • Our solution also provided them with statutory requirements PF, ESIC, Form 16, Quarterly e-TDS returns for salary etc.
  • Employee Self Service Module - Through this module employees can login online, view their payslip, YTD Salary Sheet, YTD Leave Details, Loan Details, Income Tax Projection, Income Tax Declaration etc.
  • Our solution has given a robust payroll process along with a very good interface to manage all the requirements of the employees to the company HR team.

Mahesh Bank

  • We have provided them our Easy TDS - Web Based TDS Software for all the 39 branches across India.
  • The Mahesh Bank will now be able to prepare their TDS returns and file them from their respective branches through our online software.
  • Our solution is centrally hosted at the HO, the management team has complete information of all the TDS returns preparation and filing being done from the branches.
  • Our solution has very unique feature of audit trail, which provides the complete details of activities along with the user who has been working on the application.
  • Our solution has enabled the bank to file their TDS returns and also provide TDS certificates to customer on time.
  • Our solution has made the bank’s TDS returns preparation, filing, compliance and management very effective and seamless.