Assets Verification and Digitization


Our asset digitization services cover all the aspects of fixed assets management, organizations can outsource the entire activities from physical asset verification to generation of reports as per the client requirements.

Brief details are provided below:

  • Physical assets verification is conducted manually and then they are reported for recording asset data.
  • Complete details of each asset including cost, useful life, user, location, department, cost centre, Full Asset Description; asset codes, notes and any details as required.
  • Create Multiple Asset Categorizations for assigning the assets as per category.
  • Assets shall be assigned to departments/projects/cost centers etc.
  • Assets Bar coding shall be generated and bar code stickers are tagged to assets, it eliminates duplication of asset naming done by manual processes. Bar code scanners can be used for physical audits and verification.
  • Recording Annual Maintenance Contracts, warranties and insurance details, this helps to define and track the regular maintenance of assets.
  • MIS shall be provided as per client requirement in excel or pdf formats.

Process Flow:

  • Project Kick of Meeting
  • Understanding the organization, assets and requirements
  • Finalization of Digitization and Implementation Schedule
  • Preparation of Fixed Asset register
  • Physical verification of assets against Fixed Asset Register
  • Upload of verified asset data into the software
  • Asset code and corresponding barcode generation
  • Printing of barcode labels
  • Barcode label tagging (pasting) to physical assets
  • Provide complete MIS reports with assets data
  • Project Signoff